Cannabis Liberation League – California P.A.C. shall engage in local and state political campaigns, in support or opposition to ballot measures, referendums, recalls, initiatives and candidacies for local and state offices.

Our goal is to combine the fundraising and educational potentials of both organizations, through this operational partnership, in accordance with state and federal election laws.

Because our 501-C-4 is a national organization, with potential chapters in many states, we also envision forming similar State P.A.C.’s to partner with our State Chapters, as they develop.

Our National Chapter is proud to announce that we’re teaming up with a Federal Super P.A.C. (“50 States’ P.A.C.”), in order to engage with political campaigns around the country that will facilitate a decriminalized, regulated and fairly taxed cannabis industry.

Both California organizations have mapped out our 2015 and 2016 objectives. For the year of 2015, we plan on opening new Local Chapters throughout the State, expanding our membership base and social media presence, and focusing our efforts on challenging the anti-cannabis ordinances and bans that have effectively eliminated the cannabis industry in California. Going into the year 2016, we plan on continuing with these goals, while focusing additional resources towards statewide efforts to decriminalize / legalize adult cannabis use in California. Once we’ve raised enough money to enter the political arena, our State Chapter will decide whether to support or oppose any existing campaigns, or to draft our own initiative in time for the 2016 election cycle.

Conclusion: All of the usual players in the cannabis “movement” (ASA, NORML, MPP, etc…) have failed to engender the unification of businesses, government agencies and special interest groups, with lawful cannabis consumers, producers and providers. They have also failed to represent the interests of their membership, where they live and do business. Our organizational model changes all of that. We have provided an umbrella organization that is democratically representative and inclusive of all interested parties, utilizing systems-based management and building on a transparent foundation, from the ground up. By focusing on local issues first, we can hope to effect positive results that our membership base will actually benefit from, and as our membership grows, we can more effectively engage in statewide and national reform efforts.

It’s high time that our industry is politically represented. Cannabis Liberation League – California and our P.A.C. are dedicated to providing a unified front that enables all effected parties to combine their efforts, to ensure that cannabis laws are redirected to benefit our communities and our society, instead of lining the pockets of prohibitionists, prisons and drug cartels, as they do now. Please join our efforts, and help us to end this unconstitutional war against patients in California.


Jason Browne

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