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    I am applying for membership with Cannabis Liberation League-CA and declare that the information I provide on this application is true and accurate, under penalty of perjury according to the laws of the State of California. Furthermore, in signing this agreement, I accept the following terms and conditions for membership with Cannabis Liberation League-CA.
    • The name of the Chapter of Cannabis Liberation League-CA that I am affiliating with is: * Chapter. • I agree to inform my Local Chapter, and the State Chapter of Cannabis Liberation League-CA, of any change in my legal residence that would require me to affiliate with another Chapter, in accordance with the territories established by C.L.L.- CA Chapter Agreements.
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    Category 1 (Individual Cannabis Advocate)Category 2 (Licensed Cannabis Cultivators)Category 3 (Licensed Cannabis ManufacturersCategory 4 (Licensed Cannabis Distributors)Category 5 (Licensed Cannabis Dispensaries)Category 6 (Licensed Cannabis Testing Lab)Category 7 (Professional or Business Member)Category 8 (NGO or Non-Profit Member)



    • I agree to abide by all policies and procedures of Cannabis Liberation League-CA, as they are established and posted on the C.L.L.- CA Website, at my Chapter headquarters, or otherwise provided to me in written or electronic format.

    • I agree to abide by Cannabis Liberation League-CA’s Non-Discrimination Policy, and to comport myself in a respectful manner always while engaged in activities associated with Cannabis Liberation League - CA, or while on the premises of any C.L.L.- CA Chapters.

    • I agree to comply with the laws of the State of California always while engaged in activities associated with Cannabis Liberation League-CA, or while on the premises of any C.L.L.- CA Chapters.

    • I acknowledge that the Executive Committee or Board of Directors of my Chapter reserves the right to suspend or revoke my membership status, for cause. I understand that the reason(s) for any suspension or revocation must be provided to me in writing, that any suspension must state a timeline or requirements for my reinstatement, and that if my membership is revoked, I may apply for membership at another Chapter. I understand that during any proceeding regarding my membership status, I will be afforded a hearing, at which time I may provide any information, testimony or witnesses on my own behalf, which shall be reviewed and considered before a decision is rendered, and that any decision regarding my membership status shall be provided to me in written or electronic format.


    • I acknowledge that C.L.L.- CA has the right and discretion to ban me from membership in every Chapter, for cause, at the sole discretion of the State Chapter Board of Directors, after having made such a determination following the conclusion of a hearing where I was afforded an opportunity to represent myself, and provided that such notification is provided to me in written or electronic format.

    • I understand that all dues paid to Cannabis Liberation League-CA are refundable pursuant to CLL-CA Bylaws 3.5b.

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