Prospectus: Cannabis Liberation League – California (a 501-C-4)

By Jason Browne (2/5/15)

We are pleased to announce the pending formation of American Liberty Alliance, a national 501-C-4 (based in Nevada), having State Chapters throughout the United States.

Our first State Chapter, Cannabis Liberation League – California, began operations in October of 2014. The primary purposes of this organization are to facilitate legal measures to protect the property, privacy and medical rights of qualified individuals (i.e. those who lawfully use, produce and provide cannabis, in accordance with state laws).

Every State Chapter shall be formed as a 501-C-4, in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the National Chapter.Every State Chapter shall maintain its headquarters in or around that State’s Capital, and will promote the formation of Local Chapters throughout that State, in order to grow its membership and maintain a statewide presence. All Local Chapters shall derive their charter to operate from their State Chapter, through a Chapter Licensing Agreement. Likewise, all Local Chapters’ operations shall be guided by the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the State Chapter under which they operate.

In a similar fashion, all State Chapters’ Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws shall be modeled after those of the National Chapter.

This organization is membership based, having Membership Classes representing all levels of the organization (local, state and national). There are seven (7) categories of Class-One Membership available to all Local Chapters. Each of these categories represents a unique aspect of the cannabis industry. Our membership is represented at the Local, State and National levels, through their participation in Subcommittees and Advisory Boards. These Subcommittees and Advisory Boards directly influence the Agenda Items of our Local, State and National Boards’ of Directors, and they are comprised of, and elected by, the General Membership of our Local Chapters within each state.

A majority of the dues money generated by Local Chapters (70%) stays in their accounts, and is utilized to facilitate the Purposes of the organization, under the direction of our Local Chapter Membership. The remainder of dues money (25%) from all Local Chapters inures to the State Chapter (HQ), to be utilized in furtherance of the Purposes of this corporation at the state level. Likewise, Local Chapters shall inure 5% of their membership dues to the National Chapter.

All Chapters shall engage in additional fundraising efforts, beyond the collection of membership dues. These funds shall be divided in accordance with Chapter Agreements.

The expenditure of funds generated by our Local and State Chapters shall be utilized in educational, legal and political actions, in order to achieve our Purposes. Primary examples of this are: Hiring consultants and lobbyists to engage with government officials & agencies, as well as business and community leaders, in order to effect positive changes to cannabis laws and policies; Hiring attorneys to file targeted litigations against jurisdictions that are engaging in unconstitutional acts; Educating voters, the public and cannabis industry representatives through the production of various events, publications, advertisements and social media outlets, and; Hiring signature gathering firms and other experts in order to support or oppose the passage of ballot measures, referendums and initiatives, and to support or oppose various candidates for public office.

Cannabis Liberation League – California has also formed a Political Action Committee, in concurrence with our 501-C-4 in California. It operates as a Sponsored Committee, having direct ties to our Local Chapters throughout California, and to our State Chapter. All Chapters of C.L.L.CA. also serve as Intermediary Units for C.L.L.CA. Political Action Committee. The potential of these combined efforts are what makes us stand out from other organizations, and it’s why we’re confident in our ability to effect positive changes to cannabis laws and regulations throughout the United States. It’s high time that our industry is politically represented. Cannabis Liberation League – California and our P.A.C. are dedicated to providing a unified front that enables all effected parties to combine their efforts, to ensure that cannabis laws are redirected to benefit our communities and our society, instead of lining the pockets of prohibitionists, prisons and drug cartels, as they do now. Please join our efforts, and help us to end this unconstitutional war against patients in California.


Jason Browne